TV Output on a Linux Mac mini

These instructions apply only to Mac mini models that have the Intel GMA 950 graphics device, with Apple's DVI-to-video adapter connected to a PAL TV. Only the S-video output has so far been tested by me, but everything should reasonably work the same for composite video. If you have a modern TV with VGA or HDMI connectors, this guide is not for you. At least not until my TV gets upgraded so I am forced to update this page ;-)

OK, this happened in January 2009, and now it's already 2010 and I still haven't updated this page. For my new TV, the Mac mini is connected via a short cheap HDMI/DVI-D cable.

When done, watching movies is as simple as startx and then mplayer -vo xv -fs -monitorpixelaspect 12:11 file.mpg, for pre-recorded material. If you want to record also, and maybe use a remote control, take a look at my web page The Mac mini as a digital video recorder. But first, follow the steps below: